Driving transformative change at the jobsite through our unique capabilities, executing with precision by harnessing the specialized skills of innovative teams.

Submit Mission (Project) Data


A dedicated agent from CIA will reach out on a secured line for a discovery call to gather your mission objectives.

Analyzing the intel


We analyze your intel to determine the exact measures needed to ensure successful execution of your mission (project).

Operational Plan


Once intel is gathered and evaluated, an operational plan is built and provided for your examination.

Mission (Project) Deployment


CIA mission specialists will implement our operational plan to ensure mission success.

Mission Debrief


Documentation during mission debrief with collaborative support on the care and maintenance of your new asset concrete.

Our Process

Feedback loop

Our projects thrive on the implementation of a strong feedback loop, systematically gathering insights to refine strategies and enhance performance. This iterative process ensures adaptability and excellence throughout our project cycles.


Going green isn't just a marketing statement anymore. It's a trillion dollar movement that requires data points and true sustainability. Embracing the green movement, our contracting division is integral to an ecosystem leveraging data for sustainable advancements in the concrete industry.

Unified Team

Experience the advantages of a unified team—enjoy a single point of contact and a cohesive, collaborative unit dedicated to fully comprehending and executing missions with excellence.

concrete worker pouring concrete

What are the benefits?

When you engage with CIA's contracting division, you are not just hiring a contractor; you are partnering with an elite unit devoted to leading the way to better concrete. Join us, and witness how we translate groundbreaking ideas into concrete reality.

spraying down concrete with water


Concrete is the universal foundation shaping industries—from urban architecture to transportation, technology, and sustainability. Our expertise seamlessly integrates concrete, fostering innovation and leaving a lasting impact across diverse sectors.

Collaborate with us

Explore the possibilities for your next project by connecting with our specialists. Let's tailor a solution that perfectly aligns with your needs.


We leverage a formidable array of talent and resources, uniting innovators, material suppliers, skilled craftsmen, and astute analysts to ensure our clientele benefits from a collective powerhouse driving change at the forefront of concrete—the jobsite.


We serve as strategic advisors, leveraging our expertise to guide clients through intricate challenges, offering tailored solutions, and providing invaluable insights that empower informed decision-making for sustained success in their respective industries.


We function as a dynamic hub of innovation, utilizing cutting-edge methods to generate profound insights and contribute to the strategic evolution of our organization and industry.


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