Concrete Grinding & Prep

What is Concrete Grinding & Prep?

Concrete grinding and preparation is the process of refining and smoothing a concrete surface in preparation for various applications such as epoxy coatings, polishing, flattening, or simply to improve its appearance and functionality. 

Floor Prep

Any cracks, spalling, or other surface defects can be repaired before grinding begins. This may involve filling cracks with epoxy or concrete patching compounds, repairing spalled areas with mortar or overlay materials, or addressing other surface imperfections as needed.

Once the surface has been cleaned and repaired, the grinding process can begin. Concrete grinding is typically performed using specialized grinding equipment equipped with heavy diamond abrasive discs. The grinding equipment is used to remove the top layer of the concrete surface, exposing the aggregate (if desired) and leveling of the floor.

Depending on the intended application, the concrete surface may need to be profiled to provide the proper surface texture for adhesion. This can be achieved through grinding or shot blasting to create a roughened surface that promotes adhesion for coatings, overlays, or other finishes.

Once the grinding process is complete, the concrete surface should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust, debris, or residue left behind by the grinding equipment. The surface should then be inspected to ensure that it meets the desired level of smoothness, flatness, and profile for the intended application.

Here's an overview of options of steps involved in concrete grinding and preparation:

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Concrete preparation helps to create a uniform surface by removing inconsistencies, irregularities, and imperfections from the concrete substrate. This results in a smooth, level surface that provides a solid foundation for subsequent treatments or applications.

Properly prepared concrete surfaces promote better adhesion for coatings, overlays, sealants, and other materials. By roughening the surface and removing contaminants, concrete preparation creates a textured surface that improves bonding and reduces the risk of delamination or failure.

Concrete preparation can help improve the durability and longevity of concrete surfaces by addressing issues such as cracks, spalling, and surface deterioration. By repairing surface defects and providing a clean, sound substrate, concrete preparation helps to prevent premature wear and damage, prolonging the life of the concrete.

Depending on the application, concrete preparation can create the desired surface profile or texture to meet specific requirements. For example, grinding or shot blasting can create a roughened surface profile that enhances adhesion for coatings and overlays, while polishing can produce a smooth, glossy finish for decorative applications.

Concrete preparation can also contribute to improved safety by removing trip hazards, uneven surfaces, and other hazards that pose risks to pedestrians, workers, and equipment. By creating a smoother, level surface, concrete preparation helps to minimize the risk of slips, trips, and falls in both indoor and outdoor environments.

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